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In 2017, after a chance meeting with Gary Vaynerchuk, Bradley Metrock launched VoiceFirst.FM, a podcast network devoted to covering the rise of voice-first technology, and the artificial intelligence which powers it.

Hundreds of thousands of listeners across 56 countries enjoy the network, which has shows from Los Angeles to London and beyond.

VoiceFirst.FM's flagship show, This Week In Voice, has been described as "the salon for voice-first technology" by SoundHound's Katie McMahon and "required listening" by Gary Vaynerchuk. The show has featured guests from Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Samsung, Nuance, and a wide variety of trailblazing tech startups. Legendary tech journalist Walt Mossberg joined the show for the season finale of Season 2, while CNET's Ben Fox Rubin and celebrity entrepreneur Mark Cuban joined the show during Season 3.

The VoiceFirst Roundtable, the network's interview show, has enjoyed celebrity appearances from Tim O'Reilly and Gary Vaynerchuk, alongside noted technologist Brian Roemmele.

Metrock co-created and served as co-host of The Voice of Healthcare, a podcast which has become regular listening for healthcare professionals and practitioners learning about, and working with, voice assistants and smart speakers. After the show's initial run of thirteen episodes, Metrock was succeeded by Harvard Medical School's Reid Maclellan.

Metrock also hosts AI, a quarterly interview with a leading mind in the field, and co-hosts The Alexa Podcast, a show focused specifically on development within Amazon's Alexa ecosystem.

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